At the Kawasaki Dyeing Factory, we are making efforts to have many people know about indigo dyeing and understand the goodness of indigo dyeing through tours of the workshop and hands-on learning of indigo dyeing.

Indigo is a living thing. The amount of work per day is decided while watching the state of the indigo, so the experience learning is a reservation system. (Preferably two days in advance) Thank you for your understanding.

-Indigo dyeing procedure-

  1. Decide the pattern to be dyed, such as the basket, tie, and mold holder.
  2. Make preparations.
  3. Put on an apron and gloves.
  4. Soak the object to be dyed in wood ash water. Soak up to your gloves.
  5. Gently put the item to be dyed into the indigo dyeing solution
  6. Pull it up and expose it to the air.
  7. Repeat until desired color intensity is reached.
  8. Wash thoroughly with water.
  9. Dry.
  10. Finish with an iron and it’s done.
Indigo handkerchief(Basket dyeing)43x43cm